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  1. Hi. I love you site and wanted to know how I could begin contributing some of my Bandung shots. I currently live up in Dago. When I have free time I like to focus on macros and landscapes.

  2. hallo, keren ternyata udah ada ririyunganna sendiri euy 😀 salam kenal

  3. Hi how do you become a member of your cummunity? I’m an amateur photographer and i’m sure i could learne a lot from you guys. I’m not indonesian but i come often to Bandung and i love taking pictures in that city.
    Great site i enjoy it very much.

    Hatur nuhun pisan sateuacana,


  4. photoblog yang lengkap tentang bandung….
    thanks sudah share geliat bandung melalui photoblog ini.


  5. Same question as Jonas’: How can I participate and upload my Bandung photos here?

    Salam kenal,

  6. hidup persib…… sama-sama memajukan fotografi bandung

  7. Great photoblog… 🙂