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Originally posted on Budi Sukmana’s flickr stream (edited).

Who are photobloggers?

This is a quote which originally came from the about page of JPG Magazine but not there anymore. I find it very good for the people in Bandung (and Indonesia) to read before starting up their photoblog.

“…There are photographers, and then there are photographers, and then there’s us.

There are photographers who know their apertures from their f-stops, and which combinations of the two will result in a shallow depth of field. And, of course, they know why that’s a good idea, and even what all those words mean. These are photographers who use the word “glass” when they mean “lens” and spend thousands of dollars on equipment to prove it. And why not? These are the photographers who make a living capturing moments with cameras.

Then there are photographers who point and shoot on the default setting. They take snapshots on vacation and at family reunions. They develop their photos at the supermarket. These photographers might not even call themselves photographers. They’re everyday folks, shooting the things they want to remember.

Then there’s us. People who, for one reason or another, have a camera on us most of the time. We learn what we can about technique when it suits us, and skip the rest. We put up websites to share our photos with the world.

We’re the great in between: not quite amateur, not quite professional. Some do it for art, some as a kind of visual journal, some because they want to become a professional one day, and some just because we have to. It’s just what we do…”

Comic Bandung August 2009: Photoblogging

Budi and I were invited to speak about photoblog. I didn’t count but I believe that more than 10 people attended this small but lively discussion. Everyone is curious and seems eager to try it out themselves. Oh, how I wish that the scene could happen sometime in 2005, when I first started my photoblog. Alas, the scene is from Comic Bandung August 5th 2009.

Back in 2005, we needed at least 5 active local photobloggers to form Bandung Photobloggers and we couldn’t find more than three. A very frustrating time but I don’t think it will be a problem now.

Nevertheless, I got really exciting and believe that it’s not late to start a photoblogger community. We will just have to wait for each Bandung photoblogger to arise. Just start from home, everyone. Start with whatever tools you have right now. Go out more if possible. Try to bring your camera everytime everywhere, you’ll notice the difference.

As for myself, I think this is a very good time to, once again, fire up my photoblog which was started in 2008. Do you have a photoblog? Perhaps you just started a new one. Let me know the url so I can visit your photoblog and, if you’re in Bandung, perhaps we can meet up someday.

Here are some quotes from the blog of the people attending the Comic August 2009. It’s nice to finally be able to meet some famous local bloggers in person. This event was also the unofficial first meet up of Bandung photobloggers (or should I say Bandung photographers?)

Pertanyaan yang menggelitik dan mengasyikkan. Sama seperti memilih objek yang dipotret: melewati beberapa fase yang menurut saya tetap menyenangkan. Pada proses itu juga akhirnya faktor “bersenang-senang” (having fun) lebih dominan: mengatasi kendala peralatan — jenis kamera sangat tidak penting, memotret dapat dilakukan di nyaris semua tempat, dan unsur kedekatan yang terbawa oleh perasaan pemotret dapat mengatasi teori fotografi yang cukup kompleks. Sebagai klimaks: blur adalah fitur.”
— Ikhlasul Amal: Blog Foto yang Menawan Hati

because I love writing but not a writer, I go blogging; because I love making photos but not a photographer, I did photoblogging. Simple.”

What I could conclude is that photoblogging is not about taking perfect photos, with perfect composition, and perfect lighting. It’s about how you blog with photos. How you story-tell with photos. Even if the picture was blur, maybe it could tell that you had been in such unstable situation, or maybe, you had been laughing a bit too happily at that time. In this case he is my current favorite. WOW! The meeting brought sooooo much inspiration for me, and maybe for all who attended. I already have some ideas on my mind. Fab!”
— Puti Karina Puar: Photoblog

Seperti yang tadi saya sebutkan, presentasinya sangat inspiring. Terutama di bagian dimana mas Budi Sukmana menekankan bahwa photoblog ini tolong dilihat lebih ke spiritnya, passion untuk berbagi dan capturing moment (kalau kata salah seorang hadirin sih: arsip visual yang humanis), tidak peduli walaupun hanya bermodal kamera hape VGA.”
— Diki Andeas (Chicken Strip): Photoblogger

kalau tiba2 berenti ngomik & malah mainan photoblog, yg ngeracunin & punya dosa pastilah @ericsetiawan & @budisukmana #comicbandung #korban ”

Ada satu hal yang buat saya merasa teracuni tuk segera memulai aktifitas photoblogging ini, yaitu tuk aktifitas photoblogging kamu ga harus punya alat yang high end, dengan kamera hp pun jadi . lalu teknik, kamu ga perlu punya skill photographer mumpuni tuk jadi seorang photoblogger, bahkan sebuah foto blur/buram dapat tetap bercerita. Yang penting kamu semua punya spirit tuk berbagi foto yang kamu ambil.”
— Kumaha Aing: Photoblogging

Yang menarik bagi saya adalah adanya konfirmasi bahwa apa yang saya lakukan (memotret, mengolah imagenya, menyimpan di web, dan seterusnya) sudah benar dan memang lazim dilakukan. Bahkan kesulitan yang saya alami pun (misalnya menyimpan berkas foto) sama dengan kesulitan mereka. Bahkan mereka ada yang masih menggunakan foto analog, yang mana mereka harus mencetak fotonya dahulu baru kemudian discan untuk dijadikan bentuk digital.

Kemudian yang sering saya lakukan dengan selamat pagi, ternyata tidak aneh juga. Tadinya saya sudah khawatir banyak yang bosan dengan kelakukan saya yang aneh (memotret foto di tempat yang sama, kemudian menampilkannya dengan judul selamat pagi). Jika ini proyek pribadi, mengapa tidak boleh?”
— Budi Rahardjo: Pertemuan BHTV-Comic: Photoblogging

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